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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Saturday, August 27, 2005

    She's Rock Candy, Baby..., sweet, and sticky...

    You are my candy-girl, and you've got me wanting you...

    My testicles are still ringing. The wife and I took our over-developed ovums to the park today. They scatter to the four winds, simultaneously, like Quaker Oats...'Shot From Guns!' Do they still use that slogan? Whatevah...

    My penis spotted her immediately...Angelina Jolie's prettier sister, there in her tight tube top and hot pants and sandals...sproing! Ten-HUT! Aye aye, sir...all semen present and accounted for! Target, dead ahead, make tubes one through four ready, fire when we have a solution...Aye aye, sir!

    Ahem. This is why you do not listen to the reptile brain. The reptile brain would fuck a snake. A dead snake. And the horse it rode in on.

    This little beauty could not have been a day over thirteen, and yet she had my balls clicking like castanets, screeching like a fire alarm, whooping like the noon whistle...

    I nudged my wife and pointed, and we both let out a sigh of worship and admiration.

    I turned to the wife, and said "I hope I die before I have to see Nat looking like that..."

    She assured me that we would be having none (nun) of that.

    What's the point? You don't get it?

    I don't care who you are, or who you think you the right place, at the right time, and in the right circumstances, unless your name starts with Jesus and ends with Christ, you would fuck her. Don't bother protesting, cuz yer full of shit.


    I post beauties here, here and there, now and then. She put them all to shame.

    I could taste her innocence, as she swang beside Nat. I could see her sweetness, as she interacted with Johnny. I could see the wife eyeballing me. I would never do a thing about it in a million years unless...

    There's the rub. I'm not saying Burkha, here, but goodness, why did this little porn star get let out of the house looking like a porn star? I mentioned that other chick a few posts ago, how she could wear jeans and a T-shirt and make you lust, but seriously...13?

    I know of the sadness of busty chicks getting bad posture and wearing flour sacks to hide their 'gifts', but to let such a one dress like a...what? Tiny shorts and tiny top. And I could see the innocence and immaturity in her eyes.

    She worshipped me like a god. My power over her was complete. I knew I was looking fine, today. I've picked up enough pussy in parks (OVER 18, thank you!) to know when I'm being checked out. I had more than one mom today sidle by and check me out and make an opening gambit.

    Just talking to this little hottie empowered her, and made her present, unconciously.

    I pray for her, and our current crop of girl children, raised in this hormonal cauldron, where anything goes...

    I hate to think what somebody else, offered the same feast, would have done.

    I really do.


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