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  • Yeah, Join A Gang, Dummy...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Yeah, Join A Gang, Dummy...

    I had my own gang in high school, strictly for protection from the Goat Ropers and other assorted assholes. We had no tats, wore no weird clothing, and simply grouped together socially to beat your ass if you came at us. People rarely came at us. I hand-picked the members, and there were peripheral folks that hung around us for protection. I allowed it, because it made the group look bigger. We didn't even have a name. We just hung out and smoked and then left in small groups with a common destination to get to classes safely.

    Now, you've got all of these huge gangs that have spread all over the country like a cancer. Gangster Disciples, Bloods, Crips, MS13, all of them sporting heavy weapons, killing civilians and each other (always a good thing) and becoming money-making business concerns, ones that sell every illegal thing money can buy, and performing every crime you can imagine, and some you can't.

    I would have no problem at all with police death squads killing gangsters WITHOUT A TRIAL! all over town. It's likely they have had many trials already, yet here they are, somehow, walking your streets carrying illegal weapons, and committing crimes.
    And I'd kill the peewee's first, before they grow up to be big gangsters. Leave them on their backs, coughing blood, calling for their mommies...too bad the bitch is in prison for whoring, and for mugging a john.

    People whine and beat their breasts about the gang problem, and do nothing. News organizations make money for reporting bad news, and then go home to their guarded, gated communities. 'Black Leaders' make money from the government for the gang problem, and work it like an industry.

    Meanwhile, in Los Angeles a while back, some gangsters followed a young mother home from the store, and one of them followed her to the front door and blew her brains out all over her kids in the living room. It was just a gang initiation, you see. Left her purse by the body there on the floor, turned, and left. Yep, just an initiation. Wonder if he passed?

    And We The People put up with this shit. The People cry like babies when they think their 'privacy' is being threatened, or to get and keep their pot, oh how the tears fall. But threaten our right to life, and everything goes quiet. Unless of course someone is threatening to not let them kill an infant.

    I'd bet good money that if someone made a map of all of the places I couldn't go without getting fucked up or killed in this country, there would be less areas I could go to than areas that I couldn't. Tell me again about what a racist country we live in again?

    It just may be racist, but honest Americans know in which direction that racism goes, and who the true racists really are.