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  • What Is Your Favorite Gun?

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Monday, September 08, 2008

    What Is Your Favorite Gun?

    And I mean one that you already own.

    I have a jet black Saiga 7.62x39. It is an exact clone of the AK-47, was made by the same company in Russia, for that matter. Relatively recoilless, it is a beast. As many G.I.s' can attest, it makes a terrible wound. It will punch through a ballistic kick-plate as if it wasn't there, and zip through the rest of the 'bullet proof' vest as if it isn't there.With the 30 round mag in place, merely displaying the weapon will make people with bad intent back away. And if you're a bad guy, hearing that bolt get racked back will definitely give you pause.

    I have two Ruger 10/22 carbines, loaded with 50 round banana clips. Both have synthetic stocks. One has a folding stock. Both have muzzle brakes. Both have scopes, mounted on special mounts that hold the scopes up, and let me see my open sights, so I can switch between views, long range, or short range.

    I have a Winchester 30/30 that my grandfather bought when he was a young man. When I set it off, it is like the voice of God. The steel butt-plate chews up my shoulder within a few shots.

    I'm gonna draw this to a close, because I'm boring myself. My favorite long (well, not all that long) gun is my Winchester AE .44 mg carbine. Loaded with Winchester Silvertips in .44 Special. Shoots like a pussycat, hits like a load of bricks. Compliments my Ruger .44 Blackhawk perfectly. I load full-house .44 Magnum in it. It's very easy on the hand. The pistol slides up in your hand when you fire. Ends up pointed up at the sky. You shoulda seen the wife's face when I slicked that big bastard out of the holster and put a round into her eye in less time than it takes your heart to beat once.

    She cleared her throat, and said "I think I just peed a little..." and then "Please don't do that again."

    "Awww, don't be a pussy..." I reassured her "these are just Snap know, dummy rounds. Now, tell me that was fast."

    "How would I know? I didn't see you move" she said. I was secretly pleased. I might not be able to kick your ass any more, but I can sure put a lot of new holes in it real quick.

    Okay, I'm bored now. I'm not even to my other pistols. And I've left out some rifles. Hey, you wanna know the best shot I ever made? And I'm not talking when I used to shoot coins out of the air. Actually, I made two best shots. A best shot should have an element of personal danger to it. As in, someone could lose an eye. Or something.

    First one was me and my foster brother. We were still in high school, and our reason for being in my back yard was probably to buy or sell drugs. There were at least a half dozen punks around him as I came walking down the sidewalk on the side of our house. I was wearing a tied down .38, the gunbelt slanted down to where I could just drop my hand and whoops, there it is.

    It looked right away to me like something wasn't right, so I stopped about ten feet away. He was eating a red popsicle. He looked at me, then nodded towards his popsicle, and held it out. I drew, fired, clipped the stick completely off, and reholstered, all in one move. He held the stick out, and it was easy to see in the half he still held the gray semicircle where the bullet had hit. Those boys were remarkably mannerly after that.

    As I've said, I used to have a reputation. And not Mother Theresa's kind.

    I'm done with this. Some time I'll tell you all about the times I've shot at my ex-wife. I owe you a story, if you care. Sorry...