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  • On Homeschooling, And Being Poor...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    On Homeschooling, And Being Poor...

    Have you ever been poor? Really poor? Most Americans define 'poor' as the inability to buy more stuff. Consumer goods, and all that happy crappy. Or their credit cards are maxed. So they call the honey-voiced black girl in phone support back in some southern state and get their credit limit raised, and then get back to their spending, and eating at just the finest establishments.

    I've told you before, the wife and I have one gas company credit card. Our only card. And we pay the balance in full when we write out the rent check, and pay our other bills. And we have no debt. We paid everything off, and tear up credit card offers nearly daily. And we don't take vacations. We save up for six months to go to the nicest restaurant in town on our anniversary and eat and drink whatever we want.

    Once a year.

    We are cash and carry, paying for whatever with cash, or a debit card. You people have thrown money at me for writing this blog, and I have used it to buy toilet paper, and feminine products for the wife. At times. Other times, I have taken the kids out for an Ice-cream splurge or something. They have no idea we're poor. They just know that we don't get to go to Chuck-E-Cheeses more than one or two times a year.

    I have told you the above, simply because I want to clear up the misconception people have that you have to be 'well off' in order to homeschool. The wife and I homeschool. Do we sound 'well off' to you? Blessed, to be sure, but we are so far away from well off that it is ridiculous. When you balance the harm that the schools today, and their fellow 'students' will (and I guarantee you they will) wreak on your children, well, is it worth it?

    We can read the kids moods, and find when they are most receptive, and then the teaching starts. It could be on a Saturday morning, or a Sunday afternoon, and they could be ready to learn math, or reading, or just put together puzzles of maps of the united states, and then use our globe to learn about a country, draw it, and write sentences about what they have learned.

    The wife has shelves of crap I don't even understand, yet she and the kids sit there and understand it, and work with it. Serious, reputable companies, who likely sell (wellll, at least are offered the stuff. I doubt that teachers could a) understand it and b) bother to use it, as long as they have pots of finger paint.) to public schools.

    People worry more about their mortgage than their kids. Their entertainment life is more important than their kids. Their vacation is more important than their kids. Their church is more important than their kids. I could go on.

    So, what do you have that is more important to you than your kids?

    I took a nap on the couch today, and the kids were paying a slight bit of attention to the TV, and playing with their various toys. As I began to doze, I heard them clearing an area near me of toys, and they went and got the Sorry game, and began to play. Johnny leaned his head back onto my hip, and I can tell that he just wanted the contact. I ruffled his hair a bit, and drifted off to sleep.

    Then I came close to the surface when they changed positions, and now Nat had her head against my hip. I ruffled her hair, and dozed back off. This went on for awhile, and we each fed on one another, fed, and were each fed in turn.

    And then the wife comes home, and I get to hear that the injectors on the engine of our car are shot, and it is a mere $415 to replace them, and that whole 'being poor' thing hits me in the face once again.

    Oh well. God provides. She's got our new (to us) car she was just given in the shop getting a tune-up. I kinda wanted to have the old car for myself, to toodle around in. At least now I can say that God likely just wants me to stay home.

    What a weird life I lead.