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  • Well, Johnny Has Lost His Therapy...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Well, Johnny Has Lost His Therapy...

    We got a letter from the Center yesterday telling us tersely that his 'scholarship' had run out, and we had to pay $75 an hour to keep him there. I snorted through my nose and laughed, and said 'Fuck that!', but the wife looked devastated. I said to her 'Honey? Just what does he get out of going there?' and she thought and thought and finally said 'Well, nothing, really.'

    So we have told them politely thanks for all the fish, but so long, and now that day of the week, such an ingrained habit, is free again, free at last. And no, this is not a plea for money to keep the little crippled boy in therapy. I mean, you can always send all of the money you want to, but it ain't going to them anymore. Regardless.

    The wife and I do more therapeutic work with him than anyone else has ever done, anyway. And she saw right away what the therapists were up to, and can replicate it here for him at will. Way to save four years of substandard education and thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper, darlin. You rock.

    She's the velvet covered boxing glove, and I'm the horseshoe inside it, and between us, we do more for him, and better, than anyone else ever has. And the sad truth of these places, is that anyone who is any good there ends up leaving and going into private practice, or taking a phat job with major bennies working for the State.

    So your kid ends up with interns, doing their practicums, though they never tell you that. Just like half the time the doctors you run into in your average hospital are interns, practicing on you and yours, but everybody has to call them 'doctor'.

    Anyway, a therapists job is to make money for their company or organization. First and foremost. Often they will say they are doing it to 'help people' and that may even be true, to a certain extent. But inside, they are rubbing their hands together going 'Fuck me, I'm making $75 an hour! This fucking rocks!'

    But a parent's job is to take their progeny, and mold them into a functioning adult as best they can. Fuck all that 'getting them ready to take their place in society' crap. Society can go fuck itself. As a parent, your only job, again, is to keep the wad of cellular material that contains your genetic code, and feed it, nurture it, and train it as best you can. And every non-family member you have do any of that diminishes both you and your child.

    More and more each time, until eventually, they have become essentially wards of the State, and see the State as if it is both their father and mother. Might be your choice, but not mine.

    The wife and I have pared our lives down to the barest essentials. No boat. No pool. No Bahamanian vacations. The moment she was told we were pregnant, was as life-changing an event as any IED ripping through a vehicle. That news ripped through our previous lives, and blew them away in an instant.

    If you can't handle that, don't fuck. Or get yourself sterilized. Not everybody wants kids, and many more shouldn't have been allowed to have them. 'Society' is breeding soulless, selfish, murderous monsters. And then the State unleashes them upon all of us.

    The wife and I shall endeavor to keep our children out of that particular meat-grinder.