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        Saturday, May 10, 2008

    More On The Draw...

    I got to thinking, a long time ago, actually, what do you do if someone drawing their weapon is better and faster than you? What if they have a well mounted scabbard for their weapon, and yours is tucked loose, in the small of your back, under a coat?

    Note, I said weapon, and didn't specify a gun or a knife.

    You have two choices, as I see it: draw as quickly as you can, and...move. Attack the attacker, move to contact. Draw as you move, or smite them with your hands. Attack their vision, and their weapon, in that order.

    This behooves you to understand and learn some techniques. You use your claws...what, you don't have claws? Of course you do. The wife screws in screws with hers. I have used one thumbnail to slice open a brow, just above the eyebrows, to sheet their own blood down into their eyes.

    What, you don't have that kind of animal in you? You know what people like that are called?

    Yeah, victims.

    And practice your draw, whatever it is, wherever it is from. Belt? Purse? Glove box? You must be ready to drop your burger, not worry about staining your upholstery, and draw, and fire. Or cut.

    I had one of my training officers, when I was a cop, come up behind me, and startle me. I drew as I turned, and between blinks, I could have killed him. He told me I had better get control of those reflexes. I said hey, you're not dead, are you. He conceded my point.

    I'm scary fast. I was blessed (cursed?) with this skill. Still, I have practiced and practiced and practiced and...

    When the wife feels the electricity building around me, she picks up her things and steps out of the way. I can, and will, kill you before you know you're dead, on the way to the floor. Not bragging, just a fact. And what should worry you is that there are more like me, some better, and some who like it.

    Oh, and a tip: if you are within 'lunging distance', defined by many trainers as many different ranges, but let's settle on ten feet for the sake of argument...

    Why draw when they do? Move in, and hammer them straight in the face with the outer edge of one fist, while pressing their drawing arm against their body. Repeat face punch as necessary. And I've taught you the folded knuckle stroke to the throat, right? Use it. They will likely die. So what, they'd have done the same for you.

    Never forget that.

    And everything I have blabbed about, a 60 year old woman can do, if she can master the concept of moving like smoke. And if you can ballroom dance, you can fuck someone up. Many of the strokes are like playing shuffleboard.

    Push, pull, bend at the knees, don't be stiff, move to the side, move in...

    Feint, Shift, Kill.