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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Sunday, May 25, 2008

    It's All Bullshit...

    I read this article, and I had to laugh.
    Folks, this so-called 'oil-crises' is just another hoax, designed to make the sheep run to and fro and sow confusion, while the wolves get away with murder.

    I remember moving from California to Oklahoma during the 1970's 'gas crises'. I left long gas station lines, and days that you could only get gas according to the last letter on your license plate behind me.

    In Oklahoma, we had all the gas we wanted, at great prices, and we laughed at the rest of the idiots on the news every evening. I worked on oil rigs, where we struck oil, and saw many other rigs around us, dotting the landscape like giant steel mosquitoes, strike oil.

    I drove to work on these rigs through fields of literally thousands of working pumps, passing truck after truck that had just drained a pumps storage tank, and was on the way somewhere else.

    Let me repeat: It is a manufactured crisis! We are being manipulated! Get it?

    The Bushes, et al, have been in bed with OPEC since OPEC began. Heck, they probably organized it. We have shown how we can flatten any country whenever we want to. They fire up their fanatics, we fire up ours. Chaos reigns supreme. And...things happen. Behind the scenes.

    I used to worry about Chavez, until I realized that he is just the latest boogey-man they wave at us to keep us agitated. Oh, to be sure, there are some very deadly machinations going on all over the world, and power struggles of every sort, but did you think that Robert Mugabe stays in power because he is some kind of fucking Great Leader?

    I haven't figured out why the Powers That Be forced out the white farmers from Rhodesia, unless it is to attain the obvious result: the starvation and death of Africans, and to concentrate the power of whomever controls whatever food is left. Oh, and perhaps the rich, and some not to be found anywhere else on earth natural resources might have something to do with it, as well.

    If you think that we don't have a Ruling Elite, I suggest you rethink. Oh yeah, sometimes one of our politicians goes 'an intern too far', but he only gets smacked down if he looks like he may be going off the reservation.
    President Carter's son Chip told incoming First Son Michael Reagan how the Secret Service could get him pure cocaine, any time he wanted.

    Bill Clinton used the Secret Service as his personal pimps. O.J. Simpson walks free because of his contacts like Eason Jordan, who also bought Monica's silence, and Mr Jordan got Monica to do something she normally found very difficult to do...close her mouth.

    Remember Jordan? Bill Clinton's golfing buddy? Newest son of Bush One? Yeah...

    We The People do not have a chance. When the Blackhawk helicopter hovers over your farmstead, and the 30mm cannon hoses you into mist if you so much as show a gun, and the trucks come barreling up your driveway to pick up any zip-tied members of your family that survived, and they search for and loot anything you have hoarded and load it up, along with your family, who will enjoy all the comforts of a FEMA reeducation camp (but not for long) well...

    Don't come crying to me. I warned you. And you and I? Yep. We're part of the problem.

    Happy Sunday!