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        Friday, May 30, 2008

    I Find This...


    I turned on my tracking software the other day, and saw that I was getting the shit pinged out of me. I mean, it was constant. And 98% of them originated from China. Came in through Los Angeles, and then up to my computer. Crikey. I finally turned the software off. The others either came from Russia, or Eastern Europe. And I mean it was constant.

    When I was in the military, computers were nearly unheard of. There was no such thing as a personal computer (I think). We navigated by compass, and used woodcraft to find or way around. And good old-fashioned paper maps. Except for our machine guns, we weren't any more sophisticated than soldiers from centuries ago. Heck, our radios (PRC-71's) didn't even have chips in them.

    Now, every soldier and vehicle is computerized, from the engine to the fighting gear, and we move around according to GPS equipment and satellites out in space, and communicate with computerized equipment. And there is a PC on every desk, and most troops have their own personal laptops.

    It chills my blood to think of what a hostile force could do if they could hack into those systems. Shut them down, or divert Stryker platoons into an ambush. Launch missiles. Throw off artillery coordinates. Land planes in the ocean, instead of on the carrier deck. Explode cruise missiles in their launch tubes. Divert supplies. Leave troops in mortal combat blind, troops who have become dependent on their electronics.

    How many American babies on ventilators and people in ICU's died during those blackouts? Didn't we invade a country for killing Americans in New York?
    Trains have been doing stupid shit, lately. Being where they shouldn't be. Crashing into each other. I have witnessed traffic lights going batshit here and there, for awhile, and seen railroad crossing guards drop for no reason, not a train in sight, and smash the crap out of a car. Actually, that's pretty cool.

    What if you can invade an automobile plant's computerized production line? Have it leave out certain crucial parts? Sure have been a lot of massive recalls lately. What if you could up the dosage in certain drugs at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company?

    Do they put computer chips in pacemakers? Hmmmmm...

    I know every cell phone in America has chips in them. Most household appliances. All cars made after a certain year. And every damn motherboard and memory chip used in America is made overseas. What are 'they' putting on it? In it? If there are any American made exceptions, they are negligible, and still likely assembled from foreign components.

    Made by people who hate us.

    How soon we grow up, and forget the lesson of Snow White and the apple. There is a doctrine in law called 'the fruit of the poisonous tree'. In other words, any evidence found after an illegal search is in and of itself contaminated. Poisoned. Unusable.

    Think about that...