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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Saturday, May 03, 2008


    Here it is again. The urge to murder. Chest tight, 360 degree awareness, heightened senses, and I move through the house like smoke. Fuck.

    I have complete control, of course, but I wonder if some asshole is putting a hoodoo on me from somewhere. Sadly, I can send that shit right back at ya. Don't test me. I lose a piece of my soul every time, but you could lose all of yours, should I choose. I have plenty of my own darkness, but I have learnt to keep it boxed. Mostly. No, this bullshit is coming from outside of me, and I am going to suck the marrow from someone's bones if they don't cut this shit out.

    Ever seen anybody killed by a demon? Coroners have a box for it, on the form. Labeled 'unexplained'. That is if there is even a body. It's called 'human sacrifice' for a reason, dummy. Where did those bodies go? Well, when God consumed His sacrifices, He did it with Holy, cleansing flame from Heaven. What do you think a demon does? Mmmmmm, nummy nummy nummy. Burp. Thanks.

    Oh, and all of that 'protective circle' bullshit is just that, bullshit. It only works if they want to make gullible idiots believe that their incantations and potions and chalk markings mean something. Hullo! Prince of Lies! Ring a bell? Suckers.

    These beings are angels, assholes. Fallen, corrupted, but any one of them can remake the face of a planet in a day, should the Father lift His Hand away. Do not shit yourself. And you can pray to them just like you would pray to God. They love that shit. Hullo! Pride! Their Boss was the king of all the angels, just under God? Fought an actual war in Heaven itself?

    You people talk all of this Sunday School bullshit, and don't listen to the words. Words mean things. Me just talking about them here puffs them up. Pray for me.

    I want you to think about one of those disco laser light shows, where dancers rise up out of the fog, and are illuminated by laser light, and you see two distinct levels of existence they are in. A parfait, if you will.

    Some, like me, and others, can rise out of that fog, and up into the next level. I believe God denies us the levels above that, but I sense them, and yearn for them, but have no pride that would make me attempt to rise up into them.

    It is not my time.

    But you rise up out of the fog, and into the next level, and you'd better wear a cup. Only the Blood Of Jesus can save you, there. Beasts run to and fro there, insane from millenia of abandonment from God, their Creator, who has turned His face from them, and damned them.

    That's gotta sting.

    And they will chew you up and shit you out, just for grins. Or pile on and inhabit your body, and make you watch while you do unspeakable things to those you love. Or pretty strangers. He seeks whom he may devour. If you want to be Satanic kibble, fine. Leave me out of it.

    See, any attention, any publicity for them is 'good publicity'. That, and the Blood of the Risen Christ keeps me alive, and sane. Well, kinda.

    I wonder if posts like this one are why my computers and peripherals keep blowing up...