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  • How Do You See The World?

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    How Do You See The World?

    I mean, the world around you. I could care less about the rest of it.

    A bit ago, I was taking a nap, and a car door slammed. I sleep mostly on my back now, with my hands crossed at the wrist, on my chest. I neither moved, nor opened my eyes, but my consciousness swiveled like a turret, and locked on to what was going on outside. Menus showing me choices of my weapons, and submenus for possible threats appeared on the screen of my closed eyelids, and I could 'see' the entire room, the house, and the area immediately outside.

    How do you folks see your world? I'm truly curious. This is how I live, and I'm okay with it, but I'm not so egoistic as to think I am unique.

    With my eyes closed, I can see everything in my room. In my house. I go a bit nuts when the wife moves something, but then I incorporate it into my programming, and move on. This is very useful in the case of a big blackout. If you've ever been in a citywide blackout at midnight on a cloudy night, it will be the closest thing you will ever encounter to being a mile underground and having your headlamp fail.

    Of course, the wife and I each have a large Mag-Lite by our beds, and flashlights placed strategically all over the house. You never know which room you'll be in when civilization goes away. We also have 'decorative' candles placed all over. One lit candle, in the right place, will give enough ambient light for you to move safely throughout the house.

    Oh, and if you must shoot in low light or no light conditions, take your sight picture, close your eyes, and fire. I go so far as to put my opposite hand over my eyes. Even a .22 pistol's flash will leave you blind as a bat for a bit. 12 gauge? Fuggidabout it, blindo.

    I honestly don't know if how I see the world is a skill, or an accident of birth, or if everybody can do it. Can you? When I saw the first Terminator movie, I was instantly comfortable with the way he looked at his world, except the red is just silly. I see in black and white and gray when I'm in that mode.

    Just for your amusement, I'll relate a a tale. When I was in the police academy, they took us to the range for qualification. At the end, was our test, a sort of Hogan's Alley thing they had set up, with various stations to run to, including the first target, which included a cement drain pipe about three feet in diameter, with a silhouette target, shoulders and head, at the far end of it.

    I watched various baby police pant and puff their way through the course, and then come back and high five their compatriots. My favorite part was when, just before the timer started, they'd flip their caps around backwards. Oh, puhleeze.

    Well, like a dork, I had forgotten my earplugs, so I screwed a .38+P round in each ear, and slept until it was my turn.
    When someone finally kicked the sole of my shoe and said it was my turn, folks had smoked enough cigarettes, that I was able to pick up a couple of butts, tear the tobacco part off, and screw them into my ears for ear plugs. I was using a Ruger Security Six .357, loaded with the aforementioned .38+P's, and had several speed loaders.

    Step one of the course was to stand at the starting point, behind a door (just a regular door, held up by sandbags at the base) and then open it, and begin. This is where the macho men turned their hats around, and began to take in big whooping gulps of air, like they were gonna dive to a record depth. Don't do that.

    I opened the door, took a knee, right in the doorway, shot the target at the end of the culvert in the face, rose back up, stepped behind the doorjamb, and shot all the rest of the targets from there.
    I popped the cylinder, popped out the empties, yelled 'clear', and you could have heard a pin drop, as I pulled the butts out of my ears.

    Took me less than thirty seconds. Mostly all head shots.

    So there you go.


    Oh, to be clear, I reloaded several times during this. And I put the empty speedloaders in my pockets rather than drop them on the ground. Those damn things are expensive.