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  • Nattie Runs Like Dale Earnhardt Drives...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Monday, January 14, 2008

    Nattie Runs Like Dale Earnhardt Drives...

    Full out, balls to the wall, and hits things a lot. Have I mentioned her gravity impairment? Yes, she is allergic to it. Johnny runs like a kid who has been in the hospital a few times, and can hardly see for shit...scanning the floor for obstacles, slowing into the turns, etc. When Nat gets on his tail, he abandons all hope. 'Break left, red one! Break left!' BLAM! and the chubby pink Death Star claims another victim.

    Welcome to Monday, my friends. And enemies. I've really got nothing much to say, and plenty of time to say it in. Rush renamed the RINO's today, calling them 'Jellos'...soft and wiggly, and you can see right through them. I like it.

    I have failed you, oh my brethren and sisterns. I forgot to metion that the new Terminator show premiered on Fox last night. The wife and I really, really enjoyed it. Good escapist fun.
    And then I failed you with part 1 of 'Comanche Moon' which premiered last night. It is a prequel to 'Lonsome Dove', which we also loved, and 'Comanche Moon' is quite possibly the best, or at least in the top five of anything ever filmed. Some of the best dialogue I've ever heard, plot twists aplenty, beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted. Val Kilmer's part is worth the price of admission alone.

    My town, my county has been visited by the CDC, because the Norwalk virus is epidemic, and has made its presence known. I have been fighting off some sort of virus for a few weeks. I forget what they call it, but one of its little gifts has been to fill my Eustachian Tubes with liquid, which has thrown my balance out of whack. I can't stand in the middle of a room and close my eyes, or the Gravity Demon leaps off of Nattie and onto my back and tries to ride me to the ground. Makes taking a shower problematic.

    I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to any of you who have found it in your hearts to open your wallets and help out Chris Byrne and his wife during their time of trouble. I clowned a little, but their plight is deadly serious, and is very much a 'there, but for the Grace of God go I' situation.

    After they get helped, I think bloggers should start rattling the cages of their representatives in this, an election year, and get them to spank Canada on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and train them to not shit on America's rug, anymore.

    This bullshit shall not stand. I am tired of evil-doers being able to scamper across either the southern or northern borders and waggling their fingers in their ears and singing 'olly olly oxen, free!'