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  • I Killed All The Nerves...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Saturday, January 05, 2008

    I Killed All The Nerves... my knuckles, on purpose. So it doesn't hurt when I punch something. Took me months, to do it right, and not cripple my hands. Punching a cement wall, over and over and over...

    Now it only hurts when I break a bone. One of mine.

    My first son, newly born, punched me in the eye one time when I was making fart sounds on his vision blanked out, and I had a bloody red eyeball (major petechial hemorrhage) for months. From an infant.

    When I was a freshman in high school, a bully had a friend of mine up against a wall, and was slapping him around some, as bullies are wont to do. I headed across the room to drop kick him, and my harmless, non-fighting friend was cowering, and trying to make himself small(er) and he brushed out with a hand, and the back of his hand connected with the bully's forehead, and split him open like a good whack from a machete.

    I remember thinking something along the lines of 'well, looks like my work here is through', as the bully gouted out fresh freshets of blood. I've seen less blood from a slaughtered animal. And that was likely my friends first and last fight.

    What's the point? Duh? I have to explain everything to you people? Okay, then...

    Anybody can kick anybody's ass, in the right circumstances. Women beat up their husbands. I have seen little guys slaughter huge, powerful men. Any monkey can climb a tree.

    Place the edge of your hand, the meaty part, against your nose, between the nose and the cheekbone. Now, strike yourself as hard as you can. Or maybe not. But should you choose to hit someone in the face with that strike, just reach out as if you are trying to brush a shadow off their face. Effortless. Don't set your body (no 'stance') just reach out the edge of your hand to touch them there, and then reach in a little further, as if they are a hologram.

    To frost the cake, hey, your arm is already extended, so snap that elbow into whatever target presents itself. Throat, temple (=death) ribs, breastbone. If your target is a woman, finish with a hard downward slap on the top of a tit.

    Game over.

    The entire process should take about a second. Again, they should be hitting the floor as you hit the door. People (witnesses) should wonder what happened.

    I watch pupils. They dilate at the moment the person decides to take a swing at you. At this point, their body is primed, as ready to fight as it will ever be. So, take a step back (unless you just like to stand toe to toe with somebody...) and it will fuck up their nervous system. Then let them take the first swing, because now they have primed your own defenses, plus, hey, witnesses.

    If you two have privacy, i.e., are in an alley, or stairwell, parking garage, whatever, just kill them.

    Lets assume I am a woman. A hot chick, with big, I'd never leave the house, if God gave me a clit. Okay, I'm a schoolmarm type, wearing sensible clothes, and sensible shoes, that I can run or fight in. Nothing that can be grabbed and held, so a miscreant can rodeo me down. And yes, ladies, this means scarves. Those were invented by rapists, I'm sure of it.

    Anyway, you learn too many martial arts, unless you practice a ton, you just become confused with all of the menu choices when the feces interacts with the rotating oscillator cooling device. So, here's just one, and has worked for me, many times:

    A person strikes/grabs at you with one hand...take your opposite hand, and slap the back of it into their elbow...

    Now, keep in mind that you are not trying to damage them. Again, move through them as if they were smoke. No matter your strength, or lack of it, they have extended, and you are simply redirecting them, preparatory to teaching them the error of their ways, and how to play well with others...

    At this juncture (I used that word on purpose...think about it) you have them A) off balance and B) exposed. Here is where the smörgåsbord many choices, so little time...
    My personal favorite is the crossover with the opposite elbow, hard into the ribs, until you hear the sound of a bundle of dried spaghetti being crushed.

    Have you a knife, and the desire, this is a great time to insert it, or cut deep and wide.

    Or sweep the closest foot up and even more off balance, then take selfsame foot, turn it to the side, and smash out into their other knee joint. Just never forget, every human has the same reflex to reach out when they are falling. And with any luck, you have also delivered great pain.
    An animal will chew its own leg off under the right circumstances. You do not want to be in that embrace.

    Maybe some time we'll discuss the palm-heel strike to the nose, with the elbow to the point of the chin and knee to the crotch...

    Now there's a combo plate.