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  • The Myth Of Violent Christianity...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Thursday, December 06, 2007

    The Myth Of Violent Christianity...

    Remember when you were a kid, and one of your friends got busted out for stealing cookies or something? What were the first words out of the Bustee's mouth? Yeah, "Well, he's (or they) are doing it, too..." as if taking everybody down with them somehow gave them a stronger case.

    Democrats do that all the time. One of them gets busted for something, and there's Alan Colmes, or some other sycophant, telling tales of all of the Republicans who did the same damn thing, as if their person is somehow not guilty, or less guilty, because 'everybody does it'.
    They argue like ten year olds. And that's being generous. And oh how they love to point out how violent Christians have been, all through history.

    Well, it's a myth, which is a nice way to call someone a liar.

    The Inquisitions killed very few people, over a period of decades, and the killers were not Christian, they were Catholic pagans, a whole nother thing entirely. Whenever athiests (and other lower life forms) refer to 'Christians' and their wars and persecutions, substitute 'Catholic pagan' for 'true Christian', and you will soon see that the Christians, as a religion and ideology, killed very few (if any) people, indeed.

    But, you tell any lie often enough, and the blockheads (the general public) will begin to nod their heads and worse, they will propagate the lie, so pretty soon everybody believes it because, hey, everybody believes it.

    Now, the Jews killed a lot of people, often genociding entire peoples in the process. But they are not Christians, and they were following the commands of God. The Jews have always been God's Roomba, going about the known world, cleaning up for God.

    A True Christian, a 'Good Christian', if you will, does not kill. If they do, they are kicked off the team, until such a time as they repent. But you will have people who try to convince you that a Christian is like having a loaded pistol on the snack table of a daycare center.

    And no, I am not forgetting the Crusades. I would submit to you that those 'Christians' did what they did for themselves, for money, and power, and political prestige. That they covered it up in a pious, blood-stained cloak. It may be possible that God used some of the Crusaders for his own glory, considering tales like five knights killing hundreds of enemy (Muslim) soldiers. I don't know, and maybe one day I'll get to ask Him.

    So, we straight? Bad Christians kill, and rarely, and a far vaster number of Good Christians are as gentle as lambs. Though those little fuzzy bastards can head-butt you a good one if you don't watch out.

    We're all human, and Fallen, dontcha know...