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  • Am I A Racist?

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Saturday, November 03, 2007

    Am I A Racist?

    You bet your ass I am. And if you've ever tucked your arm tighter over your purse, or gone to use a different ATM when a minority walks by you, you're a racist, too.

    Common sense.

    Now, if you make it the focal point of your life, and wear the outfit with the armband and read all the books, you've got more problems than I can help you with, even if I wanted to. I used to say 'I'm not a racist, I hate everybody'. But now I've narrowed it down to Mexicans and indians and towel heads. Black people have enough problems without me making their lives miserable, and Eskimos make up for being indians by killing whales and seals, so they're cool.

    The worst kind of fool is a white fool who sticks up for other races against 'one of his/her own'. Black people generally don't like you, they laugh at you behind your back for not having any rhythm, and unless you're at a medical convention or something where they are likely richer than you, they don't like you.

    All of the little brown people see you as a mark, someone to get over on, to victimize, and unless you have made some true friends in the group (I like blacks) you will always be treated with suspicion and contempt. And jealousy and fear.

    I've had black friends and lovers that I liked a lot more than any white person, but I'm special. And I have no automatic knee-jerk reaction one way or another when I meet a person of color. They look for that, you know, and label you accordingly. You're either a racist, or a white kiss-ass to them. They have instincts like a dog for that. And don't think for a minute that the other colors aren't racist to their own.

    Blacks catalog other blacks according to the hue of their skin, the texture of their hair, and what part of the country they're from. They know more about racism than you ever thought you could know. And spics and ragheads just want you dead. One or two might not, but it's the other billion or so you have to watch out for.

    And God made indians for target practice. What a sad bunch of sad sacks of shit. And don't try to throw their casinos in my face. You think they run those? No, the Mob found a new income stream. If it wasn't for criminals trying to wash drug money, those indians would stewing up their last dog in a beat up camper trailer where their little fat brown children play catch with dog turds outside and endeavour to stay out of the clutches of their uncle 'Fucks Anything He Can Catch'.

    You and me can go into a tough black bar and I'll be getting drinks bought for me, while you are getting your head flushed in the toilet. You're safe in a Unicef vehicle, because you're the ice cream truck. And some nigger will still put a pistol in your face and his cohorts will steal you blind. And a lot of well-meaning young white girls have been bent over a fender, their panties ripped down, and feloniously ass-fucked because everybody else in the village already has AIDS, and they think her dewy cunt has the magic cure in it in there somewhere.

    Like I said, I hate everybody, but I hate white people most of all. The worst I have been fucked over is by white people. It freaks blacks out to hear you say that, so try it out.

    And it ain't racism if it's true...