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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Saturday, January 06, 2007

    Hey, Geeks...

    I kinda understand what a Synchronization Application is, but why would my Zone Alarm firewall warn me that it is trying to access the internet, and why would it need to do so? Sounds fishy to me, so I denied it.

    Did I screw up?


    There's a little discussion going on over at SteveH's about virus checkers, and one commenter actually said you don't need one, and should in fact not use one, because they are quote: resource hogs.

    If I hadn't have already been sitting down, I would have had to. Breathtaking. All you 'resource hog' and 'bandwidth' weenies just freak me out...upgrade, dumbass!

    I don't care how much memory or whatever a process uses. I have tons of it. It's like, I don't give a shit what they are doing back in the kitchen, as long as my plate gets to my table in a timely fashion, and the food tastes good.

    And the poor deluded sod says 'just don't open emails you don't know who they're from...sheah, right. I have had emails come in that just the mere act of arrival makes my sirens scream, and the email knocks my knees apart and tries to fuck me, and my virus checker hits them on the back of the head with a pan and picks up their limp bodies and chucks them in the dustbin for me.
    Everybody should have their own bouncer.

    I use (the new version 7) free AVG, and I am just fine with it. I recently reinstalled Zone Alarm, because I was very not satisfied with Windows native application, which I had switched to because Zone Alarm was pissing me off.
    I purchased Zone Alarm Pro one time, and it was a real piece of shit. Anything that requires actual thought to use or it will fuck up your computer using experience is a piece of shit, to me.

    If I wanted to think, I wouldn't need a computer now, would I.

    Oh, and I am super happy with that McAfee SiteAdvisor I wrote about and linked to last month. Love it. It has saved me LOTS of trouble when using Google, especially when surfing for porn, or naked pics of Gregg's mom.
    When you Google, it goes on ahead and sniffs out threats in the list of websites that come up, and labels them Red, Yellow, or Green (for safe). I have missed out on several viruses, worms, and redirects thanks to McAfee, and it's free, and installs and works seamlessly. If you surf, you really need it.
    Oh, it also rates pages that you have open, when you click on the little green bar, tells you about threats on the site the siteowner may not even know about. I always use it before I follow links. You never know when they've inadvertently (or deliberately?) linked to a trap of some sort. Some viruses embed themselves in photographs.