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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Friday, December 29, 2006

    A Call To Prayer...

    Why should the muzzies have all the fun?

    Hey, we have a family friend and neighbor named Paula who is in a bad way. She went into a one hour 'procedure' yesterday that turned into a six hour 'surgery', and they ended up stopping it because she was too full of dye, plus they had other patients scheduled (God Bless the VA, yes, she's a veteran, too. Welcome to rationed government health care) so they sent her home to suffer...

    I asked the wife what she'd gone in to have done, and she proceeded to gross me out in great detail, so I held my hand up and said shut up, you could've just said 'female problems' and saved us both a lotta grief.

    So pray for this nice lady's snatch, wouldja please? Thanks. Oh, and you may as well throw in her other female parts, too. I guess they have those, though I tend to only care about the one. Sounds like she may be getting spayed soon, from the sounds of things. Yeesh.

    Off the subject, but still in the spiritual realm, I guess, my demon came back last night, and she brought a fiend. I mean, friend. I suspect that spirits on both sides of the aisle are gender neutral, and adopt forms as needed, including those of animals. In this case, I had two beautiful naked Eurasian looking women in bed with me, and one of them was pulling gently on my dick, which was kinda nice, at first.

    You see, I have been having troubled sleep, lately, for various reasons (one of them being pain) so I have been doing a little codeine here and there, and some Benadryl, because I have been unable to sleep with my mask on for some reason lately, and so I snore and get terribly congested.

    I tell you this, because I think that certain drugs, in certain combinations, in certain people, can open up a window into the soul, a 'chink in the armor', if you will. I have been having dreams where my beloved dead come to me, and I hold them and soothe them while they cry. I just don't know...

    I know, I know, you're sayin 'get back to the part where she's pulling your dick, fucker!' so okay, there I was, getting pleasantly wanked, my arms behind my head, which was resting on my hands, and two warm, naked bodies pressed against me, and I looked up into both their eyes, and noted the beautiful Jade color, and then I noted that they both look very similar to the description Bram Stoker wrote of Dracula's Brides in his novel and...

    Well, they noted my knowing, and their irises slitted reptilian, or cat-like, and their pupils turned into black slits, and their hard faces hardened even further,and as their lips began to pull back from their teeth I said "Get thee behind me, Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ..." and they both turned into something fat and putrid with blackened, burnt skin and eyes burning with a terrible hatred and then they...

    Were gone. I awoke, and my blankets were off of me, I was covered in sweat which began to chill almost immediately in my cold room, as I lay there, my head resting on my hands, looking up at the ceiling.
    I covered myself, and prayed for a while, then fell fast asleep until after 9am.

    And I fear we may have a Black Hole into our house, or a small Bermuda-type triangle, or some other sort of event horizon that sucks Nat into it nearly every day, in the same place. Seriously. I am thinking of having scientists come, bringing beepy things, and things with dials and needles, to check it out.

    Every day, she wipes out in the same spot, rounding the couch from the living room into the kitchen, and I hear the splat of some part of her hitting the floor, and then the wail, and then Johnny hollering "Daddy! Nattie fell down! I think thee needth thum hewp!"
    I am considering festooning her in all of the various safety gear we have around the house: helmets, elbow pads, braces, etc, and telling her that this will have to be her outfit for a while, until she ceases showing all of the aerodynamic qualities of a Bumblebee. For a girl who prefers to spend most of her time mostly naked (panties, Princess Crown, and Faery Wings notwithstanding) that might just get her to consider braking into the curve.


    If anybody would like to have my weird life, I am considering putting it up for sale on eBay. I accept PayPal, and money orders, but we'll have to wait for your check to clear before you can take possession.


    I stood in the stairwell a bit ago, telling the wife the tale of my lady visitors, the wife being in the downstairs bathroom. She showed jealousy, first, and then fell into the tale. And as I told it, a cold breeze began to run along my arm, jostling my arm hairs, and then the Christmas Cactus on the shelf next to my hand began to rustle and quiver, and then the leaves of the 'Serpent's Tongue' plant next to it began to shiver.

    I pointed this all out to the wife, and we pondered. Sure, I'm in a stairwell, but this breeze, for that is what it was, was coming across me, from where there is only a solid wall. All of our windows are closed, there is a fat towel across the front door sill to keep out the cold, and all of our heaters are passive, oil-filled radiators.

    Yet still, the cold wind blew across me, so I sneered at it and came upstairs to write this. And now I have a cold spot between my shoulder blades, as if something is resting its hand there, while it reads over my shoulder...