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  • What's Your State Motto?

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    What's Your State Motto?

    I'm pretty sure that California's motto is "Hellooo, Thaylor!" It is the Bare Fag State, you know.

    I hail from the Great State of Oregon, and it my understanding that, until fairly recently, in the historical sense, our State Motto was "No Niggers Allowed!" Or was it "Nigger, Don't Let The Sun Set On Your Black Ass In This State!"

    One of those.

    You see, Oregon did not get the Union drubbing the other racist states deservedly received during Lincoln's War, so they were cocky. And then, like the Nazis that escaped Germany to take up residence in Ecuador and Paraguay, the racist Confederate rebels that could, escaped to places like Utah, Oregon, and Idaho.

    Now, it is totally okay to judge a people by their tendency to explode, and cut off heads, and to discriminate accordingly, but to demote a race from the human race, consider them chattel and cattle, and make up idiotic belief systems simply because of the Melanin content of their skin is ludicrous, retarded, and wrong.

    Are black people different from white people? Sure as fuck. All races carry some basic, essential 'difference' from the other races. Yet, never forget, we can all interbreed with one another.

    There's a reason Star Trek had all those alien races. The humanoid races in the show represented the different races on this planet. Gene Roddenberry was right there with L. Ron Hubbard, Margaret Sanger, and Adolf Hitler in the whacked out racial theory department.

    I have scads of my own pet theories on race and such. If you've been around here long, you've read them. But while I may conclude here and there that one race is, perhaps, predisposed to be better at some things than the other races, you will never see me claiming superiority or inferiority of one race over another. Except for Arabs, who suck.

    Which brings us back to the niggers.

    HA! I love doing that. I can hear the little kissy sounds of bungholes puckering across the land, yet I promise you, no niggers were harmed or killed during the creation of this post. Oops, I did it again...

    Would you prefer n*****? Or 'the n-word'? Yeah, I'm not really saying 'fuck' when I write f**k, either, am I. Grow up. Sticks and stones, and all that happy crappy...

    So, back to racist-ass Oregon. It has gone underground, and been diluted somewhat by the importation of the fruits and nuts from California, but it is here, it is clear, and it is in your face.
    If you are a black person.

    Oh, the big cities have been conquered by the race-baiters, and affirmative action people, but the rural areas still remember the squeak a good rope makes on a tree branch, as a piece of strange fruit sways back and forth from it. Heck, this state was damn near 100% lily white until not too long ago.

    I have considered joining the Klan. I have been asked. First off, I want to get access to some good, cheap guns, because I think 'Civilization As We Know It' doesn't have too much time left.

    Then, I want to become an FBI informant, and make sure those lame-ass Feebs get as much information as they can. I would bet my life that American racist fuck-knobs are in cahoots with mideast raghead terror operators, and I'm positive McVeigh was one such.

    If I didn't have a family, it'd be a done deal.

    Sadly, when the excrement hits the rotating oscillator, a black man is likely to kill me just because of the color of my skin, whereas that thought wouldn't enter my own head. Unless he was an Arab, who all suck.

    Well, just wanted to get it off my chest, and make people think, and I'm done.

    For now...


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