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  • Man, I Hate Mexicans...

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  • This is my Blog...There are many like it, but this one is mine...

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        Friday, September 13, 2002

    Man, I Hate Mexicans...

    Brown Americans (or any other color American, for that matter, 'cept ragheads) are okay, but damn furriners piss me off...especially the illegal ones.

    And any foreign cocksucker who comes here and won't assimilate (and I include whites in this, too) should be killed as well. I hear bullshit about how illegals are breaking the law to 'better themselves' or their families, and I wonder what would happen to me if I commit a crime to help out my family?

    What about an omission, like not paying my taxes? Illegals don't file income tax returns, why should I? They benefit from the taxes I pay, shouldn't I be able to grab one and say "C'mere, fucker, mow my lawn"? Or maybe screw his wife to make up for how long I've been getting screwed by the IRS so spics can come here and screw out pillsbury popup 'citizens' and screw up our medical and educational systems?
    These little brown turds are why a fucking Tylenol costs $40 in the hospital and my kids don't use the lunch room at school anymore...because, forget it, if there's a spic in line ahead of you, and he gets near the front, he motions for twenty-five other little cockroaches to get in front of him, and lunch is over before you ever get there, so your kids either don't eat, or use their hard earned wages or allowance to go down the street and buy something at the store.

    Check out the average cafeteria'll see nothing but spic food, cuz those are the only assholes that eat there anymore...and God help you if you fight one of them, cuz then you gotta fight every fucking spic who ever lived, and their sisters.

    I normally think sexual harrassment is mostly bullshit and made up, but my daughter had two little spic fucks during PE class that were openly ogling her and touching her and driving her so crazy she was about to drop out before I came in and intervened. I had to do it extremely slyly and carefully, so the little bastards didn't know where it was coming from and try to hurt her.

    I have knocked mexicans on their asses in stores because they walked straight at me as if I was expected to move...surprise, assholes, I carry guns!! Pukes.

    And it ain't just the spics. When I was a cop (yeah, ponder THAT for a minute), we had a problem with the local Hmong who would heat coins red hot and press them into their kid's flesh to 'chase out demons', or decapitate a dog and nail it's head to your door as a warning of some sort.

    But spics rule for being fucked up. My Mom was an RN in a psych ward, where one of her patients was an elderly Mexican woman from a wealthy Mexican family.
    She'd had a breakdown and attempted suicide because she was tired of her male relatives fucking her all the time.
    She got an attorney and was trying to get asylum to stay here, but her family got the US State Dept involved, and one day they came and took her 'back home'.

    It seems that a spic family tradition is to have the older women of the family be obligated to let the younger males fuck them whenever they get the urge...oh, yeah, and in the Napa Valley of California, it is a routine event for a Mexican male farm worker, on the way back to Mexico, to kidnap a young (8-13) year old white girl, rape the shit out of her all the way there, hook her on smack, and have her working in his field somewhere like a fuckin donkey til she dies. Or he sells her to a pimp.
    The whole community is in on it, because they turn her back over to him when she tries to escape.

    Man, I hate Mexicans...